LED Matrix Tool

LED Matrix Tool

Online tool to design fonts or images for an LED Matrix.

The kids have been playing with electronics and programming their Raspberry Pi computer.

We built this tool to help design fonts and graphics for 8x8 LED Matrix. We used it for our Word Clock but it would come in handy for any project using an 8x8 LED matrix.

Click the image to toggle the LEDs on and off and the Hex array is updated for you to use in your code. It works both ways if you edit the code the matrix will update (useful for teaching Hex and binary). You can also select a sprite from the library.

Hex Array to use in your code.
HEX Array
Set Matrix Colours
Background color
LED color
LED off color
Load and save sprites.

If you create an awesome sprite tweet us the Hex and a pic and we'll add it to the library.