Music Practice Toolkit

Music Practice Toolkit Music Practice Toolkit


Spelling Test Flashcards - The only Spelling App You Need.

Our 3 children all had their weekly spelling tests. A few minutes using this app 2 or 3 times a week was all they needed for full marks.

The App is free so why not download it now and use it for the next spelling test?

We tried to make it quick and simple to set up a new test. No need to waste time recording audio prompts, the app will generate the text to speech in most languages.

A full history is kept so you can see how many times a test has been taken, how many correct answers, and even drill down to find which words they got right or wrong on every test.

Music Practice Toolkit

Learn Quickly

Don't make spelling a chore.

No need to register, no need to record audio, just add the words you want to learn and off you go.

Our children didn't want to jump through hoops, collect points, or do any uneccessary work. They just wanted to quickly get though their list then go out and play.