Gurgle Numbers


Gurgle Numbers - Times Tables and Number Bonds

Gurgle Numbers is a fun Maths game that will quickly help teach your children their Number Bonds and Times Tables.

There are dozens of different games you can play, and you can add as many players as you like. This is why Gurgle Numbers is now used in many Primary Schools.


Get up and running instantly.

There are no complex set up or registration procedures, your child could have completed their first game within a minute of launching the App for the first time.

No protracted animations, intros or pointless distractions. Games are short and focused.


Finely balanced Star rating system.

The player is given instant feedback via a star rating. The algorithm was honed over many games with many children.

It even takes into account the extra time needed to press a 2 button 2 digit answer rather than a single digit answer.

Broad ablility range

Our 4 year old plays and so does his Dad.

A beginner can start simple with their number bonds to 5, or perhaps the first half of their 2 times table.

At the more challenging end you can try a random selection from the 2 to 14 times tables with even the format mixed up.

You may be asked the answer to 8x14 or, what do you times 8 by to get 112.


Earning 4 or 5 stars is no picnic

Each player's top star rating and latest star rating is kept for every game type.

To achieve 5 stars is a real achievement even for an adult. Our children gained much self-assurance from earning their first 1 star rating to their latest 5 star rating.


No in app purchases or ads.

Your child won't be spending money on in app purchases or seeing any 3rd part adversising. They never leave the safety of the game environment.

Even functionality to rate our app or see our other apps in any of the app stores is behind a parental gate.